Cooking a roast in stages?

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I need to cook a pork loin roast for 3 hours. (I'm trying a slow cook recipe)

Can I cook it for 2 hours one day and then another 1 hour on the next day?
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What kind of loin roast - bone in, or boneless?  And if boneless then yes - why so long?
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I'm cooking in a Dutch Oven.  It is a large roast tied up.

Is 3 hours too long?
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A pork loin will go very dry if overcooked. Be very careful. Figure your time- temp relationship very carefully and measure with a thermometer to avoid over cooking


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3 hours does seem like an excessive amount of time unless you are doing a very large roast or cooking it very slowly.

The short answer to your question is no you can't, at least the way you describe it.  Sure you could do it in stages, but there are safety concerns as well as quality concerns, but you cannot do as you are asking for the simple reason of heat transfer.  If the recipe calls for cooking the roast for 3 hours, it is assuming that the entire time it is cooking the internal temperature will continue to rise, albeit slowly.  If you were to cook it for 2 hours 1 day, cool it down and cook it again the next day, the over all cooking time would be longer because all that heat, that had penetrated the meat during the first cooking was lost when you cooled it down.  In many ways it would be almost like starting all over again.  The cooking time, on the second day may not take 3 hours but it would take more than the 1 you are suggesting.  That is unless you were to cook it half way the first day then slice it and finish it off the second day, but then you would be dealing with quality issues again.

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