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Has anyone ever used a stencil machine for printing your own stencils? I’m looking to print and possibly airbrush sugar cookies. I feel like stenciling would be the fastest way to go and having my own printer would give me more options. If you have used one what is the best one? Any other ideas are welcome. Thanks guys.
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I've used both Canon and Epson printers for my needs. Both perform well, but the ink cassettes clog way too easy for me.
It's a frustration that causes a lot of printing errors and wasted product. That's my only beef.....when they work properly the results are excellent.
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Hi Chef B,

I've made my stencils with a scalpel on synthetic, washable, reusable material. Cost was my time and less than $1 in material. Paper/card stock would give you disposable, single use stencils. For a high use stencil of something like your logo, I would be thinking of a reusable material. Even if they have machines that can make stencils on a washable material, does the volume of stencils you would create justify the expense and space? You would need to make at least 300-400 stencils to reach break even on a cheap home model. If you wanted a stockpile of stencils of flowers, butterflies, or your logo you might just find someone that has a machine and have them do a batch in different sizes.

Making custom stencils was fun! A silhouette of a pilots favorite plane, the customers logo, I also had success doing two stencils for overlapping two different colors.

I would also allow for enough material at one edge so you could hold the stencil without impeding the application process.

I also used the same stencils for tuile paste. Egg white, powder sugar, butter, flour then add flavors or colors. A 1/16" cookie that stands up or can be bent before cooling.

Loved to use, but not overuse, stencils!

Good luck!
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