Cookies Trouble!

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Hi Bakers,

Why do my cookies always get burn at the bottem. I put them in the middle of the oven.But i only preheat the oven for 2-3mins. Is that a preheating problem. Tips on baking cookies? Good cookies recepies?

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Take a look at the kind of pan you are using.

Some of those metal jobbies do burn the cookies before they are done inside.

Have you always had this problem, or it is something new?

There is also a fine line between cookies that are "just done" and starting to burn.

Maybe the recipe need to be tweaked for your oven.

Is your oven calibrated correctly?
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No, this problem is not new. my cookies always burns at the bottom but NOT to other pasteries like cakes. My pans are black, large and shallow.
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One thing you can try is to double pan them.  Simply put your cookie sheet on a second empty sheet, this little bit of insulation will slow down the baking on the bottom and help even it out.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, depending on your oven, it may have a fast pre-heat ability.  This means that during pre-heating, the heating elements come on full blast until the thermometer reads the proper setting.  This can be bad for any food you have in the oven while pre-heating.

I also agree with Chefross - many people tend to over-bake their cookies.  So many varieties are best with one or two minutes less baking time.
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That always used to happen to me until I started using parchment paper when I bake cookies. I buy it by the roll and just cut a piece as big as the cookie sheet. I also use the same piece for sometimes, 3 batches or so.
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Black pans will bake product darker. Oven needs more preheat if it has apreheat cycle and your putting cookies in , they will always burn. Test oven temp with a thermometer. Another tip ALWAYS bake cookies in a double pan, that is an empty pan on the bottom. I have been double panning for 25 years never had problems.
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Thanks for the tips on double pan, i didn't could help. i try them. Do you have any advice on baking 2 batches of cookies at a time? wad should i take note??
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