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Hi everyone! I need some advice on an oven and mixer for my kitchen. I'm starting a new cookie business and am moving into my new home today! Right now, I will just be vending outside, and not wholesaling. What would be suggestions of good start up oven and mixer? Won't be doing thousands of cookies a week, but hundreds. Cookies are very big! Also would like to be able to cook meals with oven as well as bake cookies. Thanks so much and love this site!! Des from Buffalo
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While I don't have an exact answer, I might be able to lead you in the right direction. Search "mass cookies oven" on google and see what comes up. You will more than likely find reviews, articles, etc on different ovens. For the blender I would do the same thing. For the most part I'd assume most ovens that are geared toward this kind of cooking will be mostly the same and therefore it will come down to personal preferences and what you think you need the oven to do. Hope this helps

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