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What are your favorite cookies to make ?

Over the past 22yrs I have collected some I love, here are a few if you would like to try them out and tell me what you think would love to here from you .

First one A chocolate Drop cookie

large amount

6 lbs  10x sugar

2oz     cinnamon

4oz     cocoa powder

pinch  of salt

3 lb     pecan

3 lb     chocolate chips

1/2 to  3/4 pint egg white

small amount

1 1/2 lb  10x sugar

1/2 oz     cinnamon

1 oz        cocoa powder

baby baby pinch of salt

12 oz       pecan pieces

12 oz       chocolate chips

4-6 oz      egg whites


Mix all ingredients with a paddle except the whites you will stream them in slow once mixture comes together mix  a minute or two more.

Get a small amount of water This will be for your hands as you want to keep them a little wet.

Take some of the mix in one hand and roll a small log once you have the log started taking small pieces off the log and  put them on a sheet pan with parchment paper

keeping it about a inch apart

Bake at 325 for about 12min ( oven may very depending what you are using)

your guest will love them.

One more for today  this will make pignoli cookies,almond horn,almond boats,almond macaroons

large amount

7lbs almond paste AA

3.5 lbs granulated sugar

1.5  pint egg white

small amount

2 lbs 4 oz  almond paste

1 lb  granulated sugar

1/2 pint egg whites

mix almond paste & sugar together stream egg white slow ,make up may vary

bake at 325 F about 10-12min

Make up off cookie mix

Almond boats/almond horn- you can scoop or pip on a sheet pan of sliced almonds roll lightly pick up and place on baking sheet w/parchment paper once on the pan just pat-down a little not to much you don't want to make them flat you can also pip bake-able high  quality Jam down the middle no to much .for horn just give it a slight curve .(in photo)

Macaroons-pip using a round tip for smooth rounded

or use a star tip and pip out on baking sheet about inch apart if you like put a glazed cherry on top before baking.

Pignoli cookie is pip out like plain macaroons first once all piped out pick up each end of your parchment paper and you will flip it onto a sheet pan full of pine nuts then pick up again and place back on your baking sheet (in photo)

Bake at 325 f about 10-12min

Hope you enjoy ,I have for many years

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Those look so delicious!  Thanks for sharing the recipes, I am always on the lookout for new cookie recipes to try.

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