Cookie Season!!!!!

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 Is anybody in cookie making mode? All done with? Just beginning?

Yesterday I needed to get myself in the mood to make my Christmas cookies. So in the spirit of 'do something while you figure out what to do next' I managed to make a quick pan of chewy yet crispy chocolate chips.

Today I'm off to make my obligatory Spritz, and at least one more variety. I'm thinking Chocolate Crinkles. Depending on how many dozen I need I'll make maybe 6 different kinds. I haven't calculated out how many dozen i will need yet. I usually gift friends, co-workers, neighbors and family with a cookie box. A big year might be 60 dozen total that I make. I'll keep you posted on progress...

So... anybody else?? Cookie Mania???

Or is it just me?
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Well, not by choice :). I had to do 20 dozen decorated for a tree lighting. Probably won't be any more cookies :D
I usually make chocolates, marshmallows, hot cocoa mix, and a few other random things each year. I usually only have a few large gifts to buy, everyone else gets food.
Here's the cookies
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Helping the kindergarten Grand (live in...long story) make a few dozen trees and santas as well as a few lbs of a white chocolate "fudge" /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif  with red and green sprinkles stirred in.

Trying to teach her the joy of giving food vs a Visa gift card or a cashmere sweater to her teachers.

I think she is getting it.


Thanks for reminding me re is a magical candy to most children..."you mean I can MAKE them???!" lol.

Off to dig the recipe out.

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They are based on a Lace Cookie recipe. For these I altered the recipe I found by substituting maple syrup for the corn syrup and used gluten-free flour mixed with almond flour instead of regular wheat flour. So these turned out thicker and not as fragile as the regular wheat flour/corn syrup/sugar recipe. More like a wafer than a Lace Cookie. With a regular recipe they come out very thin~ a lot of recipes will finish them by rolling them into cigars while they are still warm and pliable. Do a search. I'm sure recipes abound for French Lace Cookies.

Good luck!


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