Cookie Bouquets

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In search of cookie bouquet do's and don'ts.

I have read that the recipe should not contain baking powder because it causes the cookie to spread? if that is true can I just remove the baking powder from any cookie recipe? Another article i read said not to use butter either!
I attempted this for the first time yesterday. I tired two recipes. one was a sugar cookie recipe from the Land-o-Lakes website another was a rather blah cookie recipe from a magazine article about cookie bouquets. they both contained baking powder and butter. so far they seem to be ok but I have not iced them yet. or the real test of biting into it on the stick to see if it sticks! :)

My other question is what the best way to insert the stick? I have tried pressing the stick in the cookie then patching it up like the recipes say. but I don't like the way it looks after it is cooked. (the ones I have purchased don't have that patch on the back). the icing may cover it if the patch is on top but I wanted to know how it is suppose to be done. Is it just a matter of making a thicker cookie to insert the size stick I want in the middle of the cookie? what is the best technique for inserting the stick in the middle. holding flat with spatula or palm of hand?
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Bummer that I never saw Wendy's comments before I started experimenting on my own.

I use a sour cream sugar cookie recipe, of which I've completely eliminated the leavening. All other components are the same, and I roll them 3/8" thick. Just be sure the cookie dough is nice and cold.

With the cookies on the sheet, I press the sticks (I use the expensive round ones...again, wish I'd seen Wendy's suggestion:rolleyes: ) into the back, but don't patch them. Then flip it over to bake. The dough spreads just a little bit around the stick as it bakes, enough to hold it.

I've done several baskets this way as well as a few trays and the sticks hold. I've always been too timid to push the sticks in for fear of mangling the shape of the cookie.

If you find a good way to secure them in the basket so they don't keep turning around, let me know. I've tried styrofoam, floral foam...just not beans and foam. Maybe I'll do that on the next basket that comes up.
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I finished my first attempt at a cookie bouquet for valentine's day for a kindergarten class. I used just a sugar cookie recipe
1 cup Butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons orange juice
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 teaspoon baking powder
i used wilton 6" sticks.
My next batch i will definately try a sour cream recipe as kevin suggested.
It was tricky keeping the point at the bottom of the hearts with the sticks. I liked the way they look when the stick is inserted in the middle - so the stick or seam doesn't show. But the cookies have to be pretty thick to do that and it takes way longer to do. so i just pressed the stick into one side of the cookie and covered the seam with icing. They are sticking to the cookie just fine. I taste tested :) I like the white round sticks. i tired the lollipop sticks but they are just to small and thin for my taste.
Sticking them in the acutal basket didn't come out as planned. my car battery died. couldn't get to store to buy foam so i had to get creative to make them stand up. ugh!

thanks for all your help. :)

(i will try to attach a picture )
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