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in october im thinking of doing a cookery dem in my restaurant maybe dem followed by lunch of what ive prepped maybe gravadlax ,confit duck then creme brulee anyone got any ideas or have done successful dem themselves. I want to keep it simple and interesting & fun for the customers
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My experience is that people want to see things demonstrated that they can cook at home.

Gravlox is good, but use small pieces rather than a 10kg slab. For most home cooks, a half kilo is a reasonable amount to make and use before it becomes tiring.

The confit, although simple to do, is probably viewed by many home cooks as too complicated for home production — unless you’re doing a series on preservation and canning. Why not do something with the other end of the duck, instead? And don't forget about suggesting some side dishes.

The crême brulée is usally a crowd pleaser. Provide the audience alternatives to browning the top — even though it would no longer be "brulée" — since some won‘t use a torch at home.

Be sure to have copies of the recipes to handout and use lots of humor.

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Thanks for that I have already devised a recipe booklet and itinerary sheets just need to do a time plan so I dont over run I,ll let you know how it goes after the event good idea about other use for brulee maybe flavoured creme pot bye for now pompeyams
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Know your crowd....
Tell them how to select whatever your cooking,
Where to get unusual items and other uses for what your long it will last, how to store it, any cross contamination info is always good.
RECIPES that are reader friendly...go to a well written cookbook and mimic their technique.
How to present a dish and definately how to cook without a bragade of dishwashers.
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Hey there, I work as a demo chef and can tell you they want to see something new plus a little showmanship. Make it in 15-20 minutes, no longer or they will lose interest. Hope you have an overhead mirror.

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