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I am getting ready to move. It’s at time like this that you realise you have too many things and get into a cleaning frenzy and decide to part with some of your possession.

I might get sorry in a few weeks but right now I feel like I can’t keep all those books and thought maybe someone else would like them, or maybe some people would like to trade. I asked Nicko if I could do this and he agreed, Thanks Nicko. If interested, send me a message.

Here is the list:

The Chocolate Box : Candies & Desserts/Cakes & Cookies
by Joanna Farrow
The Complete Cookie by Barry Bluestein, Kevin Morrissey
Sauces by James Peterson

From Time Life Foods Of The World:

The Cooking Of Provincial France
Middle Eastern Cooking
A Quintet Of Cuisines (Switzerland, Belgium Luxembourg & Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania, North Africa)
Classic French Cooking
Pacific And Southeast Asian Cooking
American Cooking: The Melting Pot

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No takers for the Foods Of The World serie Did I mention they were free? :)

I am burried under a ton of stuff. If I haven't come up in 2 weeks send the cave explorers to dig me up. :D
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