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So I’ve passed the first stage for a new job as head chef in a garden centre (don’t judge me) where I’ll be overlooking three kitchens if successful.

The second stage is a cook off. I have to produce a dish that can be served within 8 minutes, which is easy for me to do. And a dish which can be ‘hot-held’ in a Bain Marie or under hot lights.
The hot-held dish is what I’m struggling to come up with a new idea for. I could obviously do a curry, pasta, chilli, stew and so on but with it being an interview I need something to blow the interviewers minds and secure me the role!

Anyone got any advice for me on what to do?

Thanks in advance
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Look in to the area the centre is covering and do a dish to cater for the clientele, no point doing a pasta dish if the preference is Asian.
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Suitable for the clientele already served in keeping with the current menu. No beef stew for a bunch of vegetarians.
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Thanks for the posts guys but the cook off has just been cancelled :(

Instead the development chef will (hopefully) be enjoying lunch in the restaurant where I work already and judging me on that.

As long as I know which table he is on it should be all good as I’ll be cooking dishes I know inside out and in my comfort zone. Just got to keep the snotty commis away from his meals!

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