Cook cupcakes in a Frima

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by mathilda, May 3, 2016.

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    Please could anyone give me any advice or tips on cooking cupcakes in a Frima Combi Steam Air FCD 61 - it is a fantastic oven and for all other cooking no problems but i find my cakes come out to dry around the sides - they are too hard.

    I have reduced the cooking temperature by 20 degrees and 30 degrees even on recipes so generally have cooked them at 150 or 140 to try and get them right.  I also have adjusted the cooking times but still same result.

    Red velvet cupcakes with philadelphia in cook fine so I am wondering if I should add a bit more milk to my recipes - would moisture be the problem? 

    The recipe I use is

    110 grammes self raising flour - flour here is awful so i add one tsp baking powder, the same weight for the butter and sugar

    and two eggs

    I am going to try tomorrow to add 2 tspoons of milk 

    but I wondered if you had any advice - I open in three weeks and am cooking like crazy to get used to this oven and as cupcakes and afternoon teas are on our menu its important I get them right.  Wondering whether this oven is right for cupcakes.  

    Would really appreciate any tips for cooking with it.

    Many thanks