"Cook"book suggestion?

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I'm being asked for gift ideas, and since I like to try new things cooking I was wondering if anyone knew of a good book that had great descriptions and/or instructions for creating 'food art,' sculpting fruits into various flower designs. Thanks
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The classic La Technique by Jacques Pepin has some classic carving in it. Radish/olive mice, fluted mushrooms, egg/tomato mushrooms, tomato roses, orange baskets, etc.
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Jacques....One of my favorites. That man knows what he's doing. Everything he makes looks delicious and interesting, in a good way. Not ordinary dishes like seen on the FoodNetwork from the chefs / cooks.
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Thanks petals, I'm either getting that as a gift or buying it myself, not sure how much patience I have... I too love Jacques, I'll look into his books as well.
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I have my man Jacques Pepin in my hands right now and yes he does have a few techniques in the book (one of my top "technique" books) you will be aglow with the other as it deals "only" with "food art"

But if your into French technique .....Jacques Pepin's Complete Technique has more than 1000 methods and recipes.

On page 308 Fleur en Sucre (Sugar flower) it shows you in detail how to make these beautiful flowers without burning your fingers.

Just a thought....
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