Cook Along Live with Gordon Ramsay

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Has anyone watched this new show? I only caught part of it last week and then fell asleep. I'm one of Gordon's biggest fans but enough is enough already.

And what's with the plastic surgery?
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I saw it.

Was kind of disappointing all around. Right from the start I felt like I'd walked into the middle of an episode of a series that had been running for some time.

My impression is that it (1) was a one-time special (or maybe a pilot that wasn't sold), and, (2) designed to show us that Ramsey was really a nice guy, not the ogre he's presented himself as in the past.

I also felt that if the idea was to teach techniques that the camera work could have been handled a little better.
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You have to take it with a grain of salt. I don't expect to be taught, but moreso entertained. I loved Whoopie Goldberg on the show. She was good for some kicks. I wouldn't call it a cooking show. More like a cooking related talk show.
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This is how one network promo described it:

"...superstar chef Gordon Ramsay stars in this live one-hour special where he gives a one-on-one cooking lesson, providing viewers with a real-time demonstration and step-by-step instructions on how to cook a delicious three-course meal in just 60 minutes – and he does it all LIVE. Whether you love cooking, or never go near the kitchen, Chef Ramsay guarantees that you'll be able to cook three delicious dishes in one hour if you just do what he says."

I couldn't find much else on the internet.

I did find past "casting calls" for actors and extras to be part of the show.

I watched most of it and found it to be over-the-top, way too fast for any real instruction, Ramsay was awkwardly semi-scripted and even Whoopi (who, for some reason, I think is a producer of this show) looked uncomfortable.

I found some dates/airings for the one show but nothing beyond December 19. I don't know how they aired ONE show live five times.

I think KYH has the right theory -- it was an attempt to make Chef Ramsay look more human and likeable.

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which is a shame. He's likable enough on The F Word. Has guests, even loses cooking challenges, and has some cool info..... lol, did I mention he loses cooking contests.
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That was the most interesting part of the show for me. 'But...jeez, look at his face!'

I found the entire thing a little incoherent, too much going on. I can just see the planning meeting now.

'Well, what if we did a show where he cooks with a home cook and shows them how to cook'

'How about 20 home cooks watching him cook via skype from around the states!'
'Oh, thats perfect. We should get someone famous on there as well'

'How about whoopi!'
'Oh, perfect, perfect.'

'How about this, we film whoopi off site, then we get another famous person to cook with him in the stadium'
'Yeah, thats awesome. Better yet, lets get 3 of them, one can do each course!'

The end result, a show where you have 20 people skyped into a stadium 'cooking along', also including a celebrity cooking along off site, while three different celebrities cook along onsite. Sprinkle in some not terribly exciting scripted moments (Gordon going through cedric's fridge). Season with botox to taste.
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^Sounds to me like a recipe for disaster. I can't believe he got plastic surgery. I always thought that looking like an ugly SOB was part of his trademark.
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