converting recipe from conventional oven to convection oven

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I've been baking chocolate chip cookies in a conventional oven.  Now to ramp up production I am moving to convection ovens.  My cookie is a crispy toll house.  I am currently baking at 375 in the conventional oven.  After experimenting using the same recipe and scoop then pressing down the dough the best result was at 325 low fan in the convection oven. However, it is not my cookie.  I cannot get the the spread and crispiness.  Any suggestions?
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Your right in having the oven temp at 325 because the difference between the two ovens is 50 degree. I would try an even lower oven, maybe 300 degrees and make sure the oven is calibrated correctly...........ChefBillyB
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I've had the same issue since upgrading to convection. It seems fine with most things but baking either cupcakes, cookies, or cakes I always seem to have trouble.
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