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Hello -

I need to convert metric to U.S. measurements in a recipe but know nothing about how to do it. I've found a couple of web sites offering auto-conversion or conversion charts.

Has anyone used a web site to convert measurements? Anything to be aware of? Any site more accurate than another?

Thank you for your help,

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Why do you want to convert an intelligent system (measuring by weight)-used by professionals the world over (including the US), to a confusing system of hodge-podge measurements (measuring by volume) that is at it's best inaccurate and at worst very messy, still inaccurate and inconsistant? Don't ask me why every N.American cooking mag, cooking book, and cooking TV show promotes this useless system, I don't have an answer to it.

If you love baking, don't convert the recipie to the useless system. Go out and get an electronic scale. Most can be had for under $50.00 Don't understand metric ? Don't worry. If the recipie says 250 grams of this, you just put your mixing bowl on the scale, press "tare" and add the ingredient until the scale says 250. There are many benifits to this system, as every professional knows. The first benifit is guaranteed accuracy and guaranteed consistancy. No heaped cufuls, level cupfuls or sifted cupfuls, no US gallons (128 fl oz) and Imperial gallons (160 fl oz). The second benifit is cleanliness: no plethora of measuring cups and teaspoons to wash up. The third benifit is speed. You can scale out ingredients in half the time it takes to measure by volume

The beauty of the metric system is that everything is in units of 10, just like the dollars and cents in your pocket. The gibbled system of imperial mesaurements has units of 12 and 16. However if you want to use the American system of weights (U.S. is the ONLY country left in the world that refuses to use the metric system) remember that there are 28 grams to every ounce.
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You make good points. It is for the U.S., so the intention was to make it accessible to the majority of people. However, since it is a recipe from a professional chef, then leaving it as is, with metric measurements the professionals use, makes sense as well.

Thank you for your comments! I appreciate your input.

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I would agree that weight is easier to cook with, but if you need to convert- just remember that some ingredients weigh out different measurments (ie. 1 lb of flour is 3 1/2 c, while 1 lb is sugar is approx 2 1/3 c)
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"U.S. is the ONLY country left in the world that refuses to use the metric system"

That's probably because Jimmah Carter tried to stuff it down our throats! :eek:

Mike :lol:
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I'll join the love-in for the metric system. (heck I'll even start one for Jimmy Carter too). :smokin

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