Convection Ovens - Please share your thoughts on various manufacturers.

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by carnivorous2, Dec 12, 2002.

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    When it comes to kitchen equipment, I'm a big fan of simple operation (good ol reliable pitco fryers - on/off/temp - no other bells or whistles). I'm looking for the same in a convection oven - one that doesn't have any digital displays but has the basics (temp and variable fan speed). I'd love to hear some input on anybody's experience with certain brands. **Ever since Vulcan merged with Hobart, I'm always tempted to buy Vulcan ovens since my Hobart serviceman can service my Vulcan equipment as well.
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    I think it depends on what your uses are.
    I have been researching ovens myself.
    I've decided on a Montaque. But, I only bake.
    So, that particular oven works for that type of application. Or, that model type.
    Check, call the local reps in your area. Or, call the companies direct and get all the specs on other name brands.
    But, you do have an advantage with the servicing on the equip. good luck!!