convection ovens and mixers

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I'm opening a small cake shop and have been looking into ovens and mixers and just
want some feedback.

new vs uses: So far I haven't come across any convection ovens at auctions but have
seen a few used ones for sale at equipment supply store for $1500 to $1700(single deck,
full size, gas). Is this the usual going rate for used (I'm in NY-Long Island)? I can get a
brand new Imperial for $2100. Any thoughts on the imperial brand vs other brands?

Mixers: I don't think my budget will allow for a used hobart (20qt = $1600, 10qt = $900) just yet.
I have seen the 7qt Kenwood for $400 and have considered getting it. For those of you in small
scale bake shops, is a 20qt really necessary? Would it be a better investment to save for the 10qt
and forget about the 7qt kenwood? I do make alot of gum paste and have already destroyed a 5qt
KA so power and durability in a mixer is must. I know the hobart could handle this but don't know
if the kenwood will make it. Thoughts or opinions? thanks
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I'm not a professional, but i do know that some 5QT KA mixers have only 350 watt motors. I have the Kenwood 7QT and it has a 650 watt motor. I bake a lot of bread and it has no trouble with any dough, even double batches.

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