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Are there any online courses that anyone knows of, other than through the ACF, that are worth taking to learn more about things like nutrition, or unique ingredients, or that highlight specific types of cuisine? I think learning gets tough when you are limited to what the head chef wants and is able to produce. thanks all
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staging? most connected chefs will help their staff find staging options so that they can grow.

You can certainly pick up text books for buddy was an instructor for L'Ecole Culinaire and had NO nutrition background prior to teaching.  Used to blow my mind.

Learning different food.....not to sound rude, but I just checked out Momofuku from the library and am going to learn how to make steamed buns etc.

Julia Child has a great set of DVD's available that are a pretty detailed in information (again, available at the library if you wanna check it out prior to buying)

CIA, Hans Sonneschmidt has a charcuterie cookbook out that's pretty decent.

And CT has numerous chefs from all over the world who have participated.....the archives are full of info.....even more so there are so many willing to answer questions or even take on a stager

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