Cons of a food processor.

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I generally do everything by hand. Not because Im stubborn or a purist, but because I'm usually too broke to shell out hundreds of dollars ot have a food processor, a blender, a stand mixers, etc. But if i was to buy a small appliance right now, it'd be the food processor.  From what I understand, dough and batters of all kinds are easily made in a food processor in seconds, rather than 10+ minutes of kneading; can whip as a mixer would; can puree as a blender would. so question is. what are the occasions where i might say to myself "damn i wish i had a blender or stand mixer instead?"  I have hand-powered versions of most of the attachments available for a kitchenaid mixer, so not interested in those what-so-ever.
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Careful here. Some processors can't handle dough or in some cases even stiff batters.  You get what you pay for. I usually judge them at the store by their weight . I find the  heavier they are the more poweful they are. The best in my opinion is Robo Cout  but also very expensive. All three are used fior different things and different applications. They are all good, but I find the most used is my processor.
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I understand making a big hearth loaf takes some horsepower, but i'd still like some examples. specially with a blender. I personally can't think of ANYTHING a blender can do that a food processor couldn't.


In my experience, blenders are superior to food processors when it comes to workhorse tasks like crushing ice and making the smoothest purees.
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Perhaps my blender just sucks. Mine won't make a smooth soup out of potatoes that have boiled for a day. And tends to turn everything a nice deep red color bright orange.


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Generall a blender for very smooth things, particularly drinks.  For a soup, a food processor is usually sufficient.  wet bread doughs are good in the fp as well.

cakes, cookies and some stiffer bread doughs are better in the stand mixer. 

buy based on w hat you do the most, though you'll likely get all three eventually.
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