Confused about bacteria in stocks

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    Ive just done an asian stock for the first time i used;

    a head of garlic chopped in half



    lots of spring onion :)

    fish sauce

    oyster sauce

    pinch of brown sugar and five spice

    star anise

    cinnamon quils

    orange zest

                   all cooked for 8hours and rested at room temp overnight then..

    Whole chook breast side down in boiling stock then turned down to simmering for 20mins and allowed to rest for 2 hours

    But i had the same question i saw in a post before, if you strained off this stock and there was small amounts of chicken flesh comming through and stored in the fridge for weeks, would that breed ecoli? would it be safe to freeze and be used over and over again for years? what about the stocks that other cultures have been using at room temp for 100's of years and how does the bacteria not set in?

    I had this with the sliced poached chook and it was amazing i also stirred in some paper thin raw pork fillet and that was good too. Bottom line is.. can i keep using the stock?

    Cheers ;)
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    I don't know about ecoli specifically but if you kept that stock in the fridge for more than 3 or 4 days it would start tasting sour, probably moldy, and be unsafe to eat - with or without small bits of chicken flesh. 

    If you freeze it then you can use it over and over. 

    I don't think anyone has ever kept stock at room temp for 100 years. The stock is usually kept hot on a flame, out of the danger zone.
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