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Con - Fit (of/with - fat/the fat of) great now that we got that out of the way lets examine DUCK confit..... in that rendering fat in water is quite reliable so lets switch channels and consider the following: Fish skins. Loaded with oils, not fats but a form of fat we call oil and ask ourselves the following question "Have I ever rendered the fat of fish skin?/Do I know how to render the fat of fish skins?"
If you do know let me in on the process for the following reason. I work at a Japanese restaurant and thus Sashimi and Nigiri are on the menu and being a noble kitchen hound I want to capture would be waste and transform it into a pallatable dish. It recently dawned on me that one of the biggest 'garbage/off cut/waste products' in a japanese restaurant is unused fish skin. I therefore want to extract the oils and make..... well I don't wanna let the cat out of the bag but if you help me I'll PM you with my thoroughly great idea to be a trend setting culinary achievement. That is if it is in fact feasable to extract oil from fish skin..... And I laugh at myself because IT'S GOTTA BE POSSIBLE. Alas I know not the way and thus beg for assistance.



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