Confit byaldi

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Hi chefs! I was looking for input on how I can make Thomas Keller’s famous Confit Byaldi on the line. My plan is to make it in a hotel pan ahead of time but I’m worried about the execution during service. I don’t have any ring molds on hand at the moment so my pla is to make them out of tin foil, I want to use them for plating. I’m thinking make the confit byaldi completely and cool it down and during service assemble a portion in a ring mold in a baking sheet and place it in the oven to heat up, then transfer the ring to the plate and remove. Hopefully that’ll work. I always end up second guessing myself, especially with my lack of experience (I have 4 years in a professional setting) but my anxiety always gets the best of me. So give me your ideas! Thanks so much!
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A little late to the party here so this might be too late, but have you considered making individual biyaldis in molds and then just bake then a la minute? That might not work as it would be laborious, but it might look better on the pate if you aren't fussing around with too many moving parts.

I think your idea sounds workable though. A common trick for ring molds is to head to a hardware store and have them cut down some PVC pipe that is the width you need. Most big box home stores should be able to help you with that. (obviously you couldn't bake with PVC tho...but you could use it to hold the shape as you plate)
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