Concise Culinary Course in New Zealand

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I am searching for a culinary institute in New Zealand that has a Concise Culinary & Pastry program and is well recognized in the industry.
I already have an education in Hotel Management & MBA in the service industry, but I have sidetracked from the industry for over 10 years. Now I wanted to get back into the hospitality industry and do a course in culinary art and eventually be a restaurant entrepreneur.
Can anyone suggest?
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If you're in the Auckland area, I can recommend the New Zealand Management Academy to you. The instructors there are quite knowledgeable have many contacts and a lot of influence in the industry.
There is a free event this next weekend (Saturday 12th May, 11a-4p) at the Sylvia Park campus where you can meet the instructors, some of the students and see for yourself the level of skill they can pass on to their students.
Registration and information can be found here on their facebook page.
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