Conch fritters

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As we have had three days of sun in row, half the population of Scotland is now sunburned (lobster red is our version of a suntan. . .), another two days and we will have a national drought (five days and no rain is way too much for us ;) ) and i am reminded of days in sunnier climes, so I am thinking of making conch fritters.
i have looked up recipes on the net and have seen a bewildering array of recipes from the downright bland (flour, conch, salt and pepper), to rather bizarre (self-raising cornmeal, buttermilk, celery). Does anyone have their own conch fritter recipe? The best ones i ever had were in a bar opposite Eulethera airport in The Bahamas, they had thyme in them and were amazing.
Oh, just in case anyone was wondering, i am going to use squid - conch isn't exactly plentiful here.
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I've never made them, although I do have recipes. I'll bet ShawtyCat has a good recipe!
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If your using squid,you might find that cooking them in a fritter
batter could render your squid similar in texture to the conch;) ;) :D :D
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