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    Hello all,

    I am starting a mobile restaurant that will be serving food at events.  Was wondering if anyone had any advice on some fronts:

    1.  Is there a rule of thumb on how many people will consume food at an event?  I have read 20% is a good figure, and then you have to try to figure out what portion of that you will get.  I am talking about events that are all-day or most-day, and not food based.  I understand at something like a BBQ cookoff, almost everyone eats.  Any other info would be welcome.

    2.  How would you handle events that charge a percentage of the gross versus a flat fee?  My instinct is to switch the menu to higher profit margin items, obviously, but I was wondering if there were any other tidbits a pro could offer.

    3.  Thoughts on profit-sharing with employees to keep them motivated to improve service and the bottom line?

    4.  I am trying to be a "game changer" at these events, by stepping up the overall experience of this type food.  I know this needs to be balanced with familiarity to find the profitability "sweet spot".  Has anyone done anything adventurous at a large event?  How did it do?