Concerned: I microwaved potato wedges from room temperature?

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Hi everyone,

I have a question, I just came to the realisation of what I have done. This week in work has been stressful and so tiring that today on my day of I fell asleep after cooking tortellini and potato wedges for lunch at 12:00 am and I decided in a half sleep state to grab another bowl of tortellini and potato wedges around 5 hours later -> reheated them in the microwave.

The problem here lies in the storage temperature. I sealed them in a container at around 2:00pm but I forgot to put them in the fridge. Should I be concerned? I know baked potatoes should be refrigerated within an hour or 2 after cooking. And to be reheated above 60 degrees.

But I don't think microwaves go that high. Since the spicy wedges are potatoes I am stressing over if I get a rare but possible bacteria in the form of botulism.

Although I would like you guys to ease my worries but I also want the blunt truth. I am so torn.

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)
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Microwaves don't go that hi???? Aside from that, I don't know anyone getting sick from potatoes, period. So if you're not dead by now I suppose you'll be ok.

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