Composing and balancing flavors when designing a recipe

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    Hi everyone, 

    When you start designing a recipe from scratch how do you build up your flavor combination? Im refering to the ingredients like the apple, raisin and cinamon in say a pie rather than it's helper ingredients such as flour, oatmeal etc.

    I understand the basics of balance i.e. sweet, salty, sour flavors balance one another. Spicy ones are enhanced by sweet ones etc.

    But when it comes to creating a flavor combination do all the ingredients have to match one another? 

    What would happen if you added an ingredient to the mix that only matches one of the existing ingredients? Does it 'break' the dish?

    Id love to hear your thoughts on this. If there are any good books on flavor theory as well please let me know


    Oops this is actually my second post here after 3 years. I just realised that and checked my first post and foudn that i have already asked this question on the board! I dont know how to delete this post. 
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