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So I'm 24 year old Canadian, have worked plenty of labour/construction jobs since dropping out of university at 19... I'm currently unemployed and  trying to figure out a career path to take. Recently I've been very interested in learning about the culinary arts.

I've never been a real good cook, because I simply haven't tried or haven't had the supplies readily available... Other than a solid fried egg sandwich, I really dont have anything in my cooking repertoire. My mom cooks most meals or we eat out.. I'm getting really sick of eating unhealthy processed foods and think what better way to start eating healthy than to learn how to cook proper foods the proper way!

My question is this: Would someone with 0 experience cooking be able to make it as a chef through culinary school? Are there cooking experience or prerequisites expected by schools for new students? I'm a hard worker and a fast learner and believe I have the drive and determination to achieve my goals. However I can't find any information on my local community college website about credentials or experience needed before applying.

I really don't have the money or resources to even practice at the moment which is a shame.. I'm just looking for any advice anyone has to offer me at this point.. thanks in advance!
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Step #1: Get a job as a dishwasher/prep cook in a local kitchen so that you can get experience in a real commercial kitchen. This will help you determine if your dreams are in sync with reality. THEN.....we move on from there....

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