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    I need some help with creating a dish. There is a cooking competition in my town that's worth a free culinary course of 1 year and my weight in wine(lols).

    The first recipe chosen will be a white meat recipe, I have 11 days to send it to the judges. This is what I thought:

    "Asian Style" chicken entry
    Garlic + Ginger (maybe some paprica and ground clove) rubbed chicken with salt and pepper. With a thin honey glaze to contrast with the spices, covered in white and black baked sesame seeds for appearance + smell.


    "French Style" chicken entry.

    Mustard, salt and pepper dryrubbed chicken, honey glaze and covered with coarse almonds.

    Here are my concerns: I've never tried powdered mustard so I have no idea if it will end up tasting like shit if I use it to dryrub the chicken before cooking. Also, I think most entries will be either fish or pork, maybe a chicken breast will look too basic.

    What do you guys think? any help?
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    I think you should try it before you compete with it, and see what YOU think. 

    There's mustard powder and there's mustard powder.  Many kinds are very hot, many are not.  Something else to watch for is that some mustards can be bitter. In any case, you want to use mustard powder sparingly.  If, for instance you're using a 1/2 cup of kosher salt, a 1/4 cup of paprika, 3 tbs of granulated garlic, etc., you want no more than a tbs of mustard powder -- and probably less.

    You might consider buying some different sorts of mustard seeds, toasting them and grinding them yourself in order to get the flavor profile you want.

    If the competition isn't a "dry rub" competition, you might also consider using dijon -- the quintessentially French mustard -- as either a slather or as part of a wet rub.  When I make pulled pork, I typically use a dijon/mayo slather under the rub, and sauce with a dijon/mayo twist on "Carolina" mustard sauce.

    Speaking of sauce, if saucing is allowed in the competition, nothing screams "French" and "Spring" louder than a mustard-tarragon cream sauce. 

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    Resist the urge to be too innovative, and follow bdl's advice of know it before you submit it.

    As far as ideas from other cooks and chefs?

    I think you should win with your own passion ;-)
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    Ehh , to me chicken is kinda playing it safe. 

    I would most likely attempt to flare it up , but that just my style. I would probably do like grilled chicken with a mango chutney on a bed of fresh greens. The chicken would most likely have sal , pepper , onion , chilli , and maybe a glazed with a bit of honey....


    Grilled chicken again with a mango chutney with salt , pepper , and a orange glaze. Agian a bed of fresh greens. 

    That would be very refreshing in my opinion and want look dazzling on a plate to me , again its just my  head. 


    You could use fish....but since u mentioned chicken , those are my ideas.