Community Colleges in Southern California?

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Hi, guys! I'm attending college at the moment, but I want to switch gears and start going to culinary school. I've ruled out expensive private institutions because it sounds like I can get just as good an education from community colleges. My only problem is that I'm having a rather hard time of getting unbiased opinions about the culinary programs of these schools. I'll probably be speaking to representatives, but I can never tell if they're just fluffing things up to get a recruit out of me, you know?

So does anyone have any opinions or testimony about community colleges in Southern California? Right now, I'm looking at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) because I'm familiar with the area and have heard good things about it and Orange Coast College (OCC) because I've heard it briefly mentioned on these forums (and it's closer to home, to boot). However, I would certainly appreciate thoughts on schools outside of these two.


Edit: L.A. Trade-Tech College also sounds like it has a solid program, so I would love to hear about that too!

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