Commissary Kitchen code requirements in Florida

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This is my first post. I want to have a commissary kitchen in my place of business in order to prepare and package dry cake mixes. No hazardous food prep, cooking or baking and I am told I need a commissary kitchen. I have been to alot of sites but can not find info on the minimum requirements for this type of kitchen. Can anyone help me out?

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Check with your local Health dept, you should not need much you not cooking, holding or serving food to the public. The health dept will want rodent control, hand washing sinks and prep sinks if needed. You will have to store all your ingredients on shelves off of the floor. Like I said the Health dept will have more info for you to get started........................The Best...............CBB
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In order to have a commisary kitchen in Florida you need to rent a place with city water, have all the stainless steel equipments and apply at DBPR for a license. That going to cost $150.00. After that you need to contact Department of Agriculture and Department Of Health and see the requeriments because they vary from country's. Very important is the you need the triple sink plus a hand washing sink separate because they can denied the license easy for that.
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Hello I am looking for a commissary kitchen for rent in the Fort Lauderdale / Davie / Hollywood Area.
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