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    I have 2 refrigerators at home, both are near dying. I have had enough of poor reliability and cheap plastic interior of residential refrigeration. I am considering getting a new or close to new commercial reach-in. I won't miss any of the residential features. I don't mind if it is a little more loud/uses more energy. I just want something reliable, durable, and most importantly, easy to work on when it does eventually break. I also prefer mechanical over electronic parts. My experience with GE motherboards has soured me on that. From the research I've done so far, I'm leaning towards a barely used True T-23. I would say new, but True voids it's warranty for home use, so buying new doesn't seem like a good value proposition. Are commercial reach-ins more reliable than residential fare? How long do they generally last with proper care/cleaning? Are they significantly more expensive to repair? Are there any features/brands to avoid?
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    No reason why you can't.  But they are louder, and do suck up more power

    Some things to consider.

    The main difference is that a commercial fridge or freezer goes on defrost cycle  every 8 hrs, usually for a 20 min. cycle.

    The shelving is usually crappy.  For the most part, it is plastic coated wire shelving.  If and when you spill anything on the shelving it is a lot of work to clean up.  The shelving also sags over time and with wieght, say milk in gallon jugs.  When it sags, it pops out of the standards and you have a mess inside the fridge.

    Parts and service will be more expensive than for residential units.

    Other than that, they're great