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It's been a while since I've been able to post and this seems a good way to crack the ice.

  For the last five years, I have used a line of plant nutrients for my garden, house plants, and even experimented with a couple of aquariums and terrariums.  I just wanted to share this line with all who could have access to this line.  I don't want to make this as a plug for this company so I'm omitting the name until the last.  
  The anecdotal evidence I'm about to share definitely should make any gardener take a serious look at this product line.

 About seven years ago, while working at a local green house for the third season, the owner had brought in a guest speaker to talk about a new product line of plant fertilizers and supplements.  He began to explain that their approach to plant nutrition was not to feed the plant, but to feed the soil so it could in turn, better feed the plant, all Au naturelle....*HUH?!*

  It took me a while to take try even one product in this line of supplements and nutrients.  I mean how much better could a mix of glacial dust, straw, and worm castings do for any plant when there are so many other laboratory produced supplements with huge developmental dollars put into them?

  One of the mantras for this new company was that they build the soil where as traditional salt based fertilizers have a tendency to leach nutrients out of the soil.  Not to mention the myriad of chemicals you are putting into the soil. Who really wants to eat something that they cannot pronounce anyway?This company also touted the fact that they were organically certified and that their products could be used on organic crops

  Now, I finally decide to give their all-purpose mix a try which was a mix of all the ingredients used in their entire line of products at the time. It consisted of natural components like worm castings, which are not only nutrient rich but also contain nitrogen fixing fungi and bacteria. There is also straw, glacial rock dust, bone meal, blood meal, etc.  One thing that is also mentioned is that it is almost impossible to over fertilize with their product because there are no salts.  

  So, I basically threw an entire 5# (2Kg) bucket over a hurting flower bed that was approximately  3' wide X 15' long.  I then scratched it in with a rake.  In just over two weeks I had a bed that was bursting through the seams with the biggest blooms that I have ever been able to produce....WOWEEE WOW WOW!  I still think of that time with awe.  Since then I have tried Other products and have used their line of products on everything vegetative.  

  My vegetables have never tasted so good nor have I ever been able to produce the quality and quantity since using this product line.  I'd say sorry to my late father as I have veered from his methods but I think that he would have embraced this new concept in a whole-hearted fashion.

 Here is a link to that product line:

 Cheers to the new growing season.
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