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so i am wanting to put a kitchen in behind my house where i can run my business out of. i was wondering if you guys could help me out a bit and let me know where to start. i'm going to try to meet with somebody to write up my business plan(because i'm terrrrrible at that sort of thing), and get my business liscense. But, after that i am kind of blank. help? :)


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Step One! Check with your local zoning authority to be sure you are allowed a commercial use in a residential zone.

Step Two! Check with your local health inspector for the minimum commercial kitchen health requirements.

Step Three! Check with your local fire department for ventilation and fire suppression requirements

Now you can start your business plan!
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I have consulted in WA. The local municipalities have very detailed information online when creating your plan.

If you have any questions get them answered before you submit. There will be a non refundable charge to review your plans.

Use a knowlegable contractor who is familiar with local food code. They will charge again to re submitt and roll over to

an hourly fee to reviw.

Pete has the most important question regarding being commercial in a zoned residential area.

Good Luck and have fun

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thank you guys so much! my dad has a friend that has a smoked salmon and cheese business and he has like a partial kitchen behind his house. he's going to talk to him to see what's up with that. 

thank you so much! glad i got on here and asked!

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