Commercial Kitchen Space in OC?

Discussion in 'Commercial Kitchen Rentals' started by kcupcakes, Jul 18, 2010.

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    I'm starting up a cupcake delivery service. I am looking for a commercial kitchen rental space or a cooperative kitchen space that might be available to rent hourly or daily. Are there any places like that in orange county CA, preferably around the irvine area but I am willing to travel a bit farther if I have to.

    Also - If I am just looking to start up a cupcake delivery service where I bake and deliver cupcakes for private parties and events does anyone know if i need specific permits or licensing to do so? (i.e. business permits, catering permits etc?) This would specifically be for the Orange county CA area.

    More importantly though if anyone can give me ideas about the kitchen space ASAP I would really appreciate it!!!

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