Commercial Kitchen rental - Orange County, CA.....?????

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I am looking to rent a commercial kitchen in north Orange County, CA for our bakery. I am open to a shared kitchen. We are currently working out of an incubator kitchen, which is okay, but we are very rapidly outgrowing it and would like something closer to us with more flexibility.

I'd love to hear of any options/suggestions. I'm at a loss of where/how to find places and google is not helping much ;)
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even some local catering companies who have space to share; they may welcome the chance to have a baker in the same facility so they can buy from you as well.....

You know what it's like to share a kitchen so be mindful of that when you approach; many places who have never shared a space may be wary of it and want to know what hours you want, what equipment would be shared/needed, your insurance coverage; if the board of health allows sharing kitchen space between two separate business entities (some do, some don't)....
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