Commercial Kitchen Opportunity Vero Beach, Florida 23963

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SEEKING CHEF/KITCHEN PARTNER to manage 204 seat Restaurant/Bar including 50 Al Fresco Garden, Poolside and Deck seats
This is my first post, so I hope I am doing this correctly.
On the barrier island in Vero Beach, sits a idyllic resort called The Caribbean Court Boutique Resort. The Resort consists of a charming 18-room Hotel, a 50 seat neighborhood Piano Bar and a 150+ seat restaurant with a cozy 6-person bar. There are 24 seats around the pool / gardens, and 8 on the deck outside Havana Nights Piano Bar. More about the Resort can be seen at
We are seeking 1 or 2 partners to manage food and bar service. We are open to leasing outright, or a split of the profits after overhead expenses. The resort is up for sale; however a lease arrangement would secure the space in any event.
The hotel has been profitable year/year with an occupancy of approximately 80% on average year round. The owners seek a savvy restaurateur to entertain, feed and keep the steady stream of hotel guests and locals assured of delicious food and plenty of spirits! The growth and sophistication of the inhabitants of the Vero Beach barrier island is often noted in international travel magazines.
We look forward to speaking with you soon. 772 633-1097
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