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    I built my home in 88 and designed my kitchen around all comm appliances. Thought of everything from reinforce floors to metal stud fire rated walls, plus heat shield around sides and back. Fought like hell with building dept on requiring a suppression hood (thought that was silly/ restaurant 100's of meals a day vs. me 1 a day) until fire marshal found a code that if you only cooked pasta no suppression was needed so you know what the inspector was told lol. really ticked off inspector though. I live in an area where when you loose power do to storm you may be weeks without it. when I built the pro models were just coming out and would not work without electricity for the stoves to light. My stove is a 60" garland. It has been a great unit with 0 problems. I do a ton of canning and cook many special events for friends and family all for fun. I also have a BBQ about the size of a 1 1/2 truck smoker. My prob is this, my insurance company has informed me they will no longer insure my house with this stove. I am not rich by any means and can not afford 10,000 plus to replace it. I know this is a stretch for this forum, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my house insured. as it stands I have no fire insurance. thanks