Commercial Convection Ovens for Baking Cookies

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by cdrgfd, Apr 5, 2012.

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    First post, but I have have been reading the forum for a while.  

    I own a cookie shop and I am getting ready to move locations.  I'm looking to purchase 3-4 gas convection ovens with 5 racks each.  My biggest concern is even baking.  Right now I currently rotate the pans 180 degrees halfway through every time I bake a batch of cookies.  I would prefer not to have to do this anymore.

    Does the depth of the oven make a difference in the air flow?  I've seen some commercial ovens are standard depth and others are deep depth. 

    One of the models I have been looking at is the Vulcan VC44G and the VC66G.  One is a standard depth oven and the other is a deep depth.  Other brands I've looked at are Blodgett, Southbend, Lang, and Garland.

    Which ovens do you think would be the best?