Commander's Palace?

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Hi folks. It's been awhile, trying to suppress al-Sadr's Mehdi army after being extended. I'm wanting to take my wife to Commander's Palace in NOLA on our way to vacation in the FL keys. In all honesty this will be my first fine dining experience (besides my own kitchen). Can anyone whose eaten there recomend some favorites? I'm thinking about the $75.00 , :) 7-course tasting menue. But I looked at the menue and I want to try it all, it sounds so good. Also any reccomendations on restauraunts in the keys? Doesn't have to be fine dining, just good! Thanks.
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I've never been to NOLA, but want to thank you for your serving in our armed forces. A toast to your commitment! :beer:

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Thanks, it's the most dangerous game of "Whack-a-Mole" I'll ever play. Hey, I just read about the mezzaluna in Cook's Illustrated. Cool!


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I love Commander's Palace. Ate there a few years ago with my wife, also worked at a place that did an exchange program with one of their old chefs (Jamie Shannon). I think the food there is great. It is an expensive night but, as far as I am concerned, well worth it. They do a great rendition of Bread Pudding, their Bread Pudding Souffle. It is basically chopped up bread pudding folded into a souffle base and baked until golden and puffy. At the table they tear it open and pour a Bourbon sauce into it. It is to die for. And of course, their tableside Cafe Brulee is not only a great show, it tastes great. As a side note, years ago I did one of my culinary internships in New Orleans and lived about 4-5 blocks from Commander's, but on my interns wages I could never afford to eat there. I shared that story with our server, and she made sure that we were treated like royalty all night long.
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Commander's is a really fun NOLA experience and yes, the bread pudding soufle is killer! It's been a few years but the food was really good the last time I was there. It may not be chic and trendy, and there may be "better" food available in NOLA, but taking the trolley to the Garden District and dining in a tru NOLA institution is a wonderful experience.

I don;t know who the current chef is, but the alumni of the Commander's Palace kitchen in clude Paul Prudhomme and Emeril. Sadly, Jamie Shannon who was the new rising star at Commander's, passed away a year or so ago.
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