comfort food?


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I've got a million of them, but I've been feeling nostalgic recently so here are some of my favorite foods from childhood

Dad's fried chicken (done in cast iron, fried with a mixture of shortening and bacon fat

Campbell's tomato soup with popcorn

Mashed Potato with anything

Homemade Ice Cream (Mom's really wasn't very good, but it was the whole process, etc.)

Dream Sandwiches (grilled cheese and bacon dipped in French toast batter, grilled and served with maple syrup)

A big pot of Dad's chili (more soup-like than most people's)


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Warm apple or blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream.

Hot chocolate with home made marshmallow.

Onion soup gratinée.

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It's not tuna casserole for me, but something slightly different- tuna salad. Oh, yummy. And, this is going to sound strange, but the other thing is- ramen. :)
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Other than the maple syrup (for me) that sounds really good!!!
Mom used to make grilled cheese with mayo and a tomato. That was good too :lips:
And my fathers one time attempt at Boston Baked Beans that to this day I can still taste. I hope one day to recreate them just like that.:lips: :lips: :lips:
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Bread soaked in Olive oil with grandpa's goat cheese with a slice of tomato and some oregano.

Barbecued sardines with fresh tomato salad ( for summer)

Ice cream on daily basis. Caramel flavour or vanilla flavour
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Extremely refined white french flour bagette covered in butter (dairy and refined flour - so good for me!!)
My Mother's roast chicken with celery, onion carrot, and roast potatoes
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Tuna Casserole , now there is comfort . Fresh baked bread , beef
stew , chili , alas I am revieling my love of good old fashioned food. Now for dessert , as has allready been said homemade ice cream rules , and apple pie . Darn now Im hungry again.


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For all of you who love Mom's Tuna Casserole-what did she top it with? My mom used crushed up potato chips (still my favorite way).
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My mom also used crushed potato chips for the tuna casserole topping, and she also would cut up some Velveeta cheese cubes and stir them in so as you were eating, every few bites you would come across this melted, creamy spot of Velveeta!

May I ask, why do most men not like tuna casserole? Neither my hubby or my 3sons will touch the stuff. I love it though.


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Maybe cause I am really cold right now, I'm looking for something warm and inviting, and something of childhood:

Gkuay Dtiow Reua (Stewed Beef Rice Noodles – "Boat Noodles") - wide rice noodles in a hot beef shank broth infused with star anise, lemon grass, galanga, kaffir lime leaves, cilantro roots, garlic, and peppercorns.

Kao Niow Mamuang (Coconut Flavored White Sticky Rice with Mangoes) - warm sticky rice and ripe, sweet mangoes. Drool.

Aaargh, now I have images of steaming Gkuay Dtiow Reua ingrained in my mind! I hope that you guys are happy! This forum can really mess with you! I'm going to need a fix bad! Aiya!
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Cheese Fondue. A long slow meal, lots of wine, a little bread, candlelight, dinner music. I get these really good grilled Italian vegetables- artichokes, borrentine onions, eggplant and slice them up on the side. Maybe a few cornochons. Did I mention wine?.....AND I get to sit down and enjoy it!


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This recipe for kao niow mamuang is from Kasma Loha-unchit Clark, and appears in her book "It Rain Fishes." It is the most precise and, of course, delicious recipe of the dessert that I use.

A few notes: Use good quality coconut milk. In the US, Chaokah and Mae Ploy are the best. Of course, the best ripe, non fibrous mangoes are key. I use "Manilla" mangoes, since Thai mangoes are not available here. My wife doesn't believe me that Thai mangoes are really that good, but that's another story.

With regards to taste, I definitely recommend using pandanus leaves, if possible. It provides a subtle vanilla, floral flavor that's important in Thai desserts. Also, as Kasma notes, there should be a pronounced saltiness behind the sweetness. This is necessary to bring out the sweetness in the mangos and sticky rice.


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