comfort clothes/shoes... vaguely food related?!?

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    Though not making much money, LOVE that I don't need to get "dressed up" for work... teacher aide with special ed kids.  My "uniform" is often khakis and a big,well-worn denim shirt.  For the life of me, cannot understand how someone can toss a nice soft denim shirt that's not totally beat up Always on look-out at yard sales and thrift shops and then do a make over.  Sometimes will just doodle on them with a decorative stitch on sewing machine.  Sometimes will change out buttons... or use unusual button covers... shells, foreign coins, or more buttons.

    Have a pair of well-used Blondo boots... leather feet, suede legs, REAL fleece inside.  Bought them WELL over 25 years ago at an end of summer ski sale.  KNEW they were about $150 NEW, 2 pair in my size, $20 a pair... STILL kicking myself for not going for BOTH pair!?!  When I pull them on, usually snowy weather... and think of time at sister's WV mountain place.  Feet never get HOT wearing them inside, and never COLD outside walking in snow or checking on whatever's cooking on grill out on deck.

    House is a split level with kitchen on a cement slab... COLD during winter... getting there now.  Niece gave me pair of UGGS that she couldn't fit into anymore.  Just KNOW they're NOT a good look on anyone out of their teens, but will be my "slippers" till spring.