Comercial/Professional Grade Equipment for Household/Personal Use

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Does anyone here uses professional/commercial equipment for home use? I try to stay away from the consumer grade equipment whenever possible and try to go for the equipment that is catered towards restaurants and professional kitchen. I often find that not only is commercial equipment better most of the times, but it is usually cheaper (utensils) than the stuff that is sold in department stores. 

I would like to hear other peoples opinions about this subject.
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Yup.  For pots and pans they are cheaper than cookware stores and cookware boutiques, However Ikea has very competitvely priced cookware and some of the stuff ain't all that bad.

Commercial chinaware and glassware will stand up to a lot of abuse, but they are pricey.  The other week I bought 6" side plates at a real steal--$4.98 each, the 91/2" dinner plates were $7.95 each, and that's at a special clearance price.

It is said that almost 2/3 of the price of a box of Kellog's cornflakes goes towards advertising and promotion. 

Be aware of media hyped and well advertised products......... 
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Does anyone here uses professional/commercial equipment for home use?
For those things you're calling "utensils," and I call "small tools," yes almost entirely.

The core of my pots and pans is still Calphalon -- the first anodic Calphalon (not non-stick) -- which were commercial before they became popular and the usual suspects started selling them.  They're fine, and if Calphalon was still making them I'd still be buying them if I could get them cheap enough.  But they were priced through the roof before Calphalon discontinued them.  SOL on that.

If something needs replacing, it's more likely than not the replacement will come from a restaurant supply.  

My primary restaurant supply, "Action," does a lot of business in remaindered china and service ware.  For things beyond our basic china (we have three complete sets) it -- along with thrift stores -- is a source.  As one person in our relationship has an infinite capacity for dish sets, tureens, ginger jars, cream and sugar sets, cazuelas, divided plates, decorative bottles, etc., it's more about keeping things out than finding new.

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I have a set of professional dishes by Culinary Arts.  They are porcelain.  I always bang them together when removing them from the dishwasher and have not even had the slightest scratch.  I have them 6 years.  My daughter in law has a new ceramic set of dishes that has chips on the plate and cups already.
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