Come share our Hudson Valley commercial kitchen (Poughkeepsie area)

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We are an established business moving from Brooklyn to the mid-Hudson Valley (New York State) and setting up a commercial kitchen licensed by Agriculture & Markets. We are also entirely gluten-free. If you produce packaged foods and are looking for space please drop us a line!

Plenty of space is available for you to share, or bring your equipment, shelves, work tables, etc. and set up!

We are willing to rent by the shift, but would ideally like a reliable tenant sharing the space with us full-time. Working environment is professional, respectful, considerate, and also friendly. We work hard and are nice people who like cleanliness, love delicious healthy food, and hate drama. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

Location is in a nice shopping plaza next to the Dutchess Rail Trail. 1980 sq ft, all on one floor. Triple-bay sink, handwashing sinks, grease trap, ansul system, convection oven, commercial 8-burner range, walk-in cooler & freezer, bathroom, and SPACE for you to bring chest freezers, fridges, work tables, shelving, according to our arrangement.

You do not need to a "gluten-free" business per se, but should not be producing anything made with wheat or other gluten-containing grains/flour. Please keep in mind we are not under the jurisdiction of any health dept but rather Ag & Markets (20c license) due to the nature of our business which is entirely packaged prepared foods.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



The Oliver Weston Company
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I'm a small dog treat company. I use no wheat, corn or soy in my products. Is space still available? I'm near LaGrange and very interested. Thanks, Maureen
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Hi there,

    I was wondering if your still located in Dutchess? I own my own cake business and am possibly looking for a larger space. Was interested in rates, equip avail, location and so on.


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 So glad I found you!

I am a retired Art Teacher and Home economics teacher. I am a Celiac and a Foodie. I am intensely interested in Food preparation and consider it another medium for my artistic expression.  I have worked very hard to develop recipes for my Celiac dietary restrictions.  My friends and family enjoy my food. I am ready to concentrate on selling one or two products that I have developed, and have a retail outlet to sell it in. . I need a certified kitchen. Your facility seems like it would fit the bill.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Ciao for now,

Donna Filomio

845 591-8910 cell

845 522-8909 home
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Does this facility still exist? If so, can you please contact me at the email address provided to discuss further arrangements?

Thank you, 


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