Color of wine does it matter to you?

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i was into the 4 btl.of various reds last night, long long yucko meeting when the color of J was mentioned 1997 from Sonoma
Pinot Noir....and how this was a good wine (frankly I didn't notice too much by then)
yet the color was not great, Does it matter to you?


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The only time color really matters to me is if I am trying to figure out what kind of wine it is. Color can also help you figure out what is the predominate grape varitey in a blend or meritage. Also color is very important for determining the soundness of a wine. Often times poorly stored wines (wines that have oxodized) have turned a rust color or start to become brownish.

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The quality of a wine's color will tell you how "alive" it is - there should be a brilliance of a white or a red that is still drinking. The color can also help you draw conclusions about the winemaking techniques used.
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