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I have always known that I wanted to be a chef, but my parents have always been against it, especially because of the salary. They said the only way they would pay for culinary school was if I at least got a 4 year degree at a university (I'm getting tuition free because of a scholarship) which I am glad that I'm doing so I can have a fall back and a normal college experience. But after that, I think I might be getting my graduate degree (probably in either business or biology). I know I want to go to culinary school because I am very interested in learning everything there is to know about food and cooking/baking. So should I waste my money on a 2 year degree or do you think a 9 month certificate is adequate? I am debating between Art Institute of Phoenix (2 year)which I heard is very in depth and teaches different cuisines, and Scottsdale Culinary Institute (Le Courdon Bleu) which has a 9 month program which I heard is a "shortcut school" which only teaches french cuisine but is half the price. Also is trying to get a graduate degree AND go to culinary school a stupid idea? I want to have my options open in case the my childhood dream doesn't work out. But thats like 7-8 years of education! Help me!
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Hi Tofulady!  I'm new to this board and sorry I don't have much to offer, but will be watching this thread for I am deciding between those two schools right now myself!  

I think it's great you'll have a degree before attending culinary school!  Good for you :D  

Going to school for 8 years, I hope you're making a doctors salary ;)  lol, no but really- if your heart is in cooking, go for it!  Since you won't have major student loan debt because of your scholarship, you're golden, good luck! 
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Get your degree and then get an Associates at the best culinary school you can find. That may well be your local community college.

If you are looking to spend money on a private culinary education JWU or CIA - best to spend wisely.
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