Collateral Damage from the Kitchen Renovation

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I went down yesterday to check on the progress of my kitchen renovation, even though I knew the contractor had been unable to work that week due to weather.  I saw the contractor had moved the refridgerator/freezer from the carpet back into the kitchen on to the tile.  When I opened the door to the fridge I noticed no light came on and there was an unpleasant odor.  Evidently, when they plugged it in, the breaker got thrown and it had been off for at least five days.

Everything in the freezer part was defrosted and barely cool to the touch.  Among the things I lost that I miss the most:

Snapper steaks from two twelve pound snapper, perfectly trimmed and vaccuum sealed.

Three containers of venison chili that had been outstanding..

Venison backstrap and inside tenders.

Three prime rib eye steaks, cut 1 1/2 inches thick.

Three containers of 9-12 count white gulf shrimp with 20 shrimp per container..

On the plus side, a lot of my "treasures" were in the downstairs freezer.  I just wish I had discovered the outage in time to have a giant feed instead of chunking everything.  There was a lot of love that went into some of those items in anticipation of some great meals. 

I'll get over it.  But not until I replenish with some more "treasures".
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Oldpro,  I'm so sorry this happened.  Reading your post,  you seem to be remarkably calm about the situation.  I hope the contractor will be able to fix the electrical problem so it doesn't happen again.  I know when the work is all completed,  you're going to love working in your new kitchen. 
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Awwww drat, Oldpro.  What a waste - those treasures would have been great.   I'm sure you will re-stock, but you shouldn't have to hey.  Make sure to tell the builder what happened and insist he gets a licensed sparky to come fix it up.  Glad it didn't affect your deep freezer.

He's liable for the loss of course - if you want to pursue it in that regard.  Maybe some sort of discount on your bill?   Gently suggested :) 

Just a thought.

We went away on holiday once for a week, came back and found the same thing with the fridge (no renovations were being done, we just locked the doors and went).  But my point being, we had a sparky come check it out and some wires had actually arced in the ceiling space and started a small fire, luckily the insulation contained the burn.  Turned out there was too much drain on old wiring over the years, drawing more than the 10 Amps that the wiring was set up for, and had been a really bad story waiting to happen.  It had apparently been happening for some time.  It happened to get to critical stage whilst we were away.

Make him get a licenced electrician in for certain.  Please. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/surprised.gif

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When we got the new range we had a licensed electrician install the new power outlet for it.  The old range was hard wired, so we had no choice.  He checked all the breakers at the time, so that probably did not contribute to this problem.

We have had some storms in the past week, and we are subject to power surges at the island.  The contractor has done a very good job, and he has done a lot of extras without charging us.  The contractor feels terrible about this, but there is no way to really assess blame for what happened.  While one of his workmen was the last one to be on the job last week, he thinks it was working when he was there.

I needed to clean the fridge out anyway.  I would have preferred to do it with my own timing, but this was a better situation than one of my neighbors had last year.  He didn't go to the island for around six weeks.  He ended up throwing the fridge away, and the house still has an odor.

It could have been a lot worse.  I just wish snapper season was open. 
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Storms are a pain electrically. Great to watch, not nice for the electrics.  Have lost 2 computers from being fried during thunderstorms - that was fun.  Got power surge protectors on pretty much everything now...  BUT we hadn't done our backups for a month-ish for the business.  Uggh.  Think we would have learnt after the first time.

When our fridge went off as I mentioned we didn't have much in there luckily,  I always run supplies down before we leave for a break.  So it could be salvaged.  But it was a worry when we found out about the fire.  That's why I mentioned it.  But yes, it was probably a storm that made the problem.  Your poor neighbour tho...geez!

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