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We are transitioning from our food truck to focus more on our catering business.

We sold the food truck, and now have limited equipment. Typically we operate out of a commercial kitchen. I do have some portable cooking equipment for off-site use. Propane griddle, stove, ect.. 

We have a wedding that is booked this summer for an entire weekend, over 2 hours away from our kitchen. I'm not concerned with how to prep the three meals for the 120 people, more concerning is what means I should use to cold store the food. Some prep-cutting vegetables, marinating meat, making sauces, and so on, will be done at our commercial kitchen before we leave to the event and then stored like that. Also a variety of other ingredients to be refrigerated. 

Should I just use industrial coolers? If so recommendations on brand?

Or should I purchase a refrigerator and run it off a generator? ( Concerns of generator dying overnight and spoiling food.)

The event is held out in the middle of nowhere, no power. 

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Coolers will work fine. Just make sure you have lots of ice and a thermometer to check temps.

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These small trailers work well. Check to see if there is a Polar rental place near you.
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Check with your local rental co.for Cambro boxes. These are heavily insulated and will keep cold for 4 hrs min. and can go longer with optional ice packs. Full size hotel pans will slide in no problem. Once you rent one, you'll probably end up buying at least two, one for hot and one for cold. When I had my catering biz we had 5 of the 300 mpc's, plus a larger one, plus one dedicated coffee container.

Do not mess with ice, it's messy, sloppy, and very wet......

Hope this helps
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