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Has anyone got recommendations for cold smokers, apart from the Bradley? My wife seems disinclined to let me build an elaborate contraption involving old refrigerators and so forth in the back yard... but on the other hand, she's given me the green light for buying a machine! Note: I searched the forums, but all I came up with was that the Bradley uses annoyingly proprietary pucks, the Weber (which isn't a cold-smoker), and a broken link.
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Are you looking at real cold smoking (below 20 oC or so)?

I use a pro-Q cold smoke generator. A very cheap and easy option, but it depends on the outside temperature.

Actually, all cold smokers do, more or less.

A full CSG gives me about 10 hours of smoke at a maximum of 1 oC over the outside temperature.

I can only cold smoke at night in the winter.....

After smoking at night, I move the meat to the fridge and if it needs more smoke, I smoke again the next night


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A lot of people like Traeger. But I'm in a biased location as their headquarters is about a mile away from me. They can hot and cold smoke, though you might need an attachment for cold smoking depending which smoker you select. 

Traeger uses a pellet system, but you do have third party choices in pellets not just the traeger brand. 
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I don't know. The main thing I like to cold-smoke is fish, and sometimes sausages. This little unit is pretty small for that.
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