cold cantalope sauce

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have any of you tried to make a cold cantalope sauce...i am thinking of using it as a base to a soft shell crab dish with a cucumber-coriander relish...

for some reason i think the cantaloup will add exciting color and flavors...but i have heard cooking the cantalope to reduce it will turn it brownish...

do any of you have ideas on how to make a nice sauce from a pureed cantalope?


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Well I think serving it hot would be a mistake, or even warm. I do have one idea for a heated version though. How about a cantoulpe buerre blanc. Use the guts to make your reduction, seeds "goo" and all. Maybe some lemon, dried tarragon, cracked pepper. Then color change should not be a problem, and you will still extract sweetness and cantoulope flavor. You could finish it with fresh tarragon omitting it in the reduction. This will leave you with the melon to garnish; ie: thin slices. If you cut the melon in six peices peel it, you can make a leaf shaped garnish from the rind, by carving the shape a bit more, to display your dish. Butter and crab makes sense, so buerre blanc makes sense, and tarraogon will add a nice savory quality to the sweetness of the crab and fruit.

If you are still going cold check out Purrfect puree. Or experiment with a cataloupe whipped cream (no added sugar). Cantoulope Marscapone, or creme fraiche. Also try a light vinegarette with a cantoulope puree. Or an Aoli.
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i am not serving the puree hot or will be cold.

i like the beurre blanc idea, because the butter and crabs work well together, but it is the subtle sweetness i want from the cantalope to go with the cornmeal crusted crab, and the nice acidity from the cucumber-coriander relish.

what is purrfect puree? a website?

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You're on to something, especially the cold and hot temperature contrast.
I have a golden trout on my menu with a cantelope puree(cold) underneath a leek-rhubarb rillette, huckleberry sauce and a micro salad on top.
I briefly toyed wiht the idea of a cantelope granita.

I've seen soft shells with cooked melon-potato hash before.
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when i do a puree of canteloupe i have noticed too much heat will turn it an off color. i typicaly steam the halved and cleaned melons for just a bit,,, one minute . throw it in the robo coupe with a touch of cayane and honey. i have used this as a sauce and the base of cold soups. the idea of the crab sounds really good and should match the sauce rather well. i would keep it as simple as possible=== delicate flavors
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The discolouring might be an oxygen thing rather than heat..try lemon juice....I like the idea of melon & crab but wouldnt do a sauce....its a texture thing soft sauce soft crab.....could do a relish with chilli coriander but sub the cucumber for mooli or radish.....crunchy mmmmmm nice
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Yes, this makes a wonderful cold sauce and a wonderful dessert soup to boot.

I would cut it up into medium dice and pure it in the the food processor. You will need to add some liquid to it as you pure each batch. I like to use some white wine...mainly chablis becasue it is cheaper.

Please let me know how it turns out. If you need a recipe or anything, let mek now.
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